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Over the past 16 editions, we’ve seen more than a 5x growth in subscribers and have covered topics ranging from Interviewing During a Pandemic to Activating Your Creativity to Creating Optionality

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As part of creating my newsletter, I subscribed to a LOT of newsletters on technology, startups, and Product Management. This post features the newsletters I’ve found most helpful and I believe Product Managers of all levels (including aspiring PMs) would learn a lot from too.

So please check these newsletters out below and level up as a PM (or find your path into the career with their help).

Top Newsletters For PMs (Of All Levels)

1. Morning Brew — Emerging Tech


Why I Like It: Morning Brew — Emerging Tech brings you Morning Brew’s high-quality content, tangible and accessible insights, and the latest in the world of tech. Delivered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll never be far from “what’s next” with Morning Brew! 

Not sure about subscribing? Check out the latest issue here: The Latest on Morning Brew’s Emerging Tech

2. Lenny’s Newsletter


Lenny Rachitsky was a former Growth PM at Airbnb (he spent 7 years there) after his startup Localmind was acquired by the company. He also has a deep engineering background, with stops at Neustar and Webmetrics. 

Why I Like It: Lenny’s perspective makes his eponymous newsletter a fun read and one that will be sure to help you generate LOTS of growth ideas, whether you are a Growth PM or not.

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3. Civic Science — John Dick’s “What We’re Seeing” Sunday Emails


Why I Like It: Trust me on this one… John Dick’s emails will simply make your Sundays better. Plus, they’ll make you smarter. 

His newsletter intros offer you a unique and very human perspective on the key events of the week and how those events are reflected in the data of Civic Science’s impressively deep panel. 

Not sure how this connects to Product? Trust me, having an early perspective on behavioral changes (especially in the time of COVID), gives you a unique advantage that will help you immensely as a PM.

Not sure about subscribing? Check out this post on the best of WWS: Best of What We’ve Seeing

4. Tim Herbig’s Product Thoughts


Why I Like It: Tim Herbig isn’t afraid to get deep into Product Management concepts and frameworks. Whether it’s his easy-to-follow sketches describing Design Sprints or Product Discovery, you’ll learn a lot from Tim’s content. 

I’d highly recommend his newsletter for newer Product Managers encountering these concepts for the first time. Tim’s approach makes the content much more accessible.

Not sure about subscribing? Check out this post: How Impact Mapping compares to other Product Management Frameworks

5. ProductHunt


Why I Like It: Ok, so this one is a little different… Instead of subscribing to an individual or an organization publishing a regular newsletter, you’re subscribing to receive the best products, games, books, and podcasts in your inbox every day. 

However, if you’re a current Product Manager or an aspiring one, I can guarantee this daily dose of inspiration from what creators are building in the world will energize you and simply make you better. 

Plus, you’ll see trends like no-code creation before they go mainstream.

Not sure about subscribing? Just check out what you missed yesterday on ProductHunt: https://www.producthunt.com/

6. Inside Intercom


Why I Like It: If you’re a Product Manager, you’ve probably heard of Intercom by now. What you may not know, however, is that the company is also a prolific creator of content to help PMs and other people in tech continue to learn and level-up. 

Whether it’s writing about how to become a more customer-centric organization or the “brave new world” of asynchronous productivity tools, Intercom has a great take (and often a great interview) on it.

Not sure about subscribing? Check out this post: Storytelling is great, but is it enough?

7. Product Manager HQ

Product Manager HQ – Medium

Why I Like It: Product Manager HQ (PMHQ for short) has a great depth of content on Product Management ranging from the basics (Scrum Master vs. Product Owner) to the advanced (What is effective altruism for PMs?). 

This wide range of content makes them especially valuable, regardless of where you are on your Product Management journey.

Not sure about subscribing? Check out this post: PMs and Metrics: Counter Metrics

8. a16z Newsletter


Why I Like It: It’s hard to overvalue the perspective of the venture capitalists who have backed Box, Groupon, Facebook, Lyft, Pinterest, Instagram, Airbnb, Affirm, Asana, Stripe, Waymo, Zenefits (the list goes on and on and on!)

But, putting their investment success aside, a16z has been doing this content thing for a while and they’re pretty good at it. Good PM, Bad PM is still one of my all-time favorites, even if some parts don’t quite hold up today.

Not sure about subscribing? Check out this post: Building a Better, Blacker Tech Pipeline

9. Silicon Valley Product Group


Why I Like It: SVPG was founded by PM legend, Marty Cagan, and features many incredibly strong Product partners, each with equally impressive track records as Product leaders. 

With the SVPG newsletter, you’ll benefit not only from this great historical perspective and knowledge but also from the active relationships that these Product leaders and Cagan have with startups currently changing the world. 

Not sure about subscribing? Check out this post: New Employee Bootcamp

10. GoPractice


Why I Like It: GoPractice, penned by Oleg Yakubenkov, is data-driven to the core. Oleg has held a wide variety of Analytics and Product roles and he seems to have a great knack for helping scale companies and getting them acquired by Facebook or Google :). 

But in all seriousness, you’ll definitely appreciate Oleg’s data-driven perspective and the key lessons he’s learned throughout his career.

Not sure about subscribing? Check out this post: Why Every Team Member Should Know the Key Product Metrics

Honorable Mentions

High Impact PM: https://itamargilad.com/

TLDR: https://www.tldrnewsletter.com/

CB Insights: https://www.cbinsights.com/newsletter

ProductHabits: https://producthabits.com/blog/

Reforge: https://www.reforge.com/newsletter

Prioritised — MTP Newsletter:https://www.mindtheproduct.com/product-management-newsletter/

What Great Product Newsletters Did I Miss?

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @amitch5903!

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Afruz · August 10, 2020 at 4:08 pm

What about the Teresa Torres’s NL “Product Talk”.
She shares her insights on product discovery, keeps updated about her upcoming courses and webinars and recommends product management books every Sunday

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