Technical skills have become indispensable in product management.

If you are from a non-tech background and are already in Product or you are still trying to break into Product, but you are unsure where and how to start with building tech skills, this article will help you.

These resources will teach non-tech folks the basics of tech. Most of these resources are free, though for some you might be having to spend a few bucks (but less than the cost of a dinner!).

CS 50 or CS 101 from edX

Can be audited for free, however, for a certificate you have to pay a minimal amount.


Again most are free, some might require a subscription.

Agile Fundamentals from Pluralsight

Free Trial option.

A/B Testing from

Currently it free to sign up and learn.

How the internet works by Hasso Plattner Institute

Currently it free to sign up and learn.

Bubble No Code Bootcamp

It is an 8-week Bootcamp and absolutely worth your time, money, and effort. Other free resources include Hello Guru.

Swipe to Unlock

An amazing book that effortlessly explains various tech concepts, you can find the same on Amazon too.

Software Development Process by Udacity

Can be learned free of cost, doesn’t require a subscription or payment.

Data Structure Fundamentals

Can be audited for free, a verified certificate requires payment.

Programming Foundations from LinkedIn Learning

Can be used during the free trial subscription of LinkedIn Premium.

I sincerely hope the above resources help you to learn and understand the basics of tech. Learning these technical skills not just helps you hold a better conversation with the dev team, but also increases your understanding of a variety of subjects thus increasing your available mental models.

We live in an amazing era where you can learn anything for free. So go ahead and make use of it!

It’s easier to teach a tech guy non-tech stuff rather than teach a non-tech guy tech stuff. So show some commitment & try learning these, you’ll never regret it.


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