Back in September, I published a list of the best people for you, as a product manager, to follow on Medium to make the most out of your membership. If you haven’t read it yet, you can give it a read below.

The Top 25 People To Follow On Medium To Level-Up Your Product KnowledgeThere’s a hell of a lot of content on Medium. This list gives you 25 awesome authors to follow to expand your product…

Medium is great, but not infallible. It allows you to access content from hundreds, if not thousands, of writers in the product management space. But not every great writer uses Medium as their platform of choice (sorry, Ev Williams!).

Therefore, to make the most out of your research and development time, a little more effort is required.

I’ve picked out my eight favourite product-related writers that post most, or all, of their content away from Medium.

Marty Cagan

If you only check out one website from this list, make it this one.

The Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) is Marty’s brainchild but also includes content and inspiration from Lea Hickman, Christian Idiodi, Chris Jones, Martina Lauchengcho and Jon Moore.

An absolute must-visit for all aspiring and existing product managers.

Silicon Valley Product Group || Silicon Valley Product GroupProduct Manager Job Description Discovery – Delivery Discovery – Judgement Discovery – Problem vs. Solution Discovery …

Ken Norton

Another guy with a seriously impressive résumé, having led Product Management for several high-profile products at Google including Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps and various initiatives at Google Ventures.

He is on Medium but hasn’t posted since February 2017. That’s actually only 7 months further back than the last post on his website, but it’s still worth working your way through the repository of his work, as much of it still rings true today.

Ken NortonKen is director of product at Figma. Previously he spent more than fourteen years at Google where he led product…

Teresa Torres

Despite not having posted on Medium for over three years, Teresa still has almost 2,000 followers on Medium. The real source of information from Teresa, though, is her website.

Her website includes coaching, workshops, online classes and articles around the topic of Product Discovery. As an area that continues to be undervalued in the product space, I highly recommend checking out her site and subscribing to her newsletter.

Product Talk | Make better product decisions.Make better product decisions.Make better product

John Cutler

John is a machine when it comes to producing content. He’s highly active on his blog, LinkedIn and Twitter, and made the decision to move away from Medium at the beginning of 2020 to give himself more control over his content.

I see the value in that (after all, I post all my articles on my website first at and backlink my Medium posts to it), but his Substack website isn’t going to win any design awards.

Still, the quality of the content more than makes up for the lack of ‘sexy’ UI.

The Beautiful MessPosting one day early since I can’t sleep (election ongoing, send strength and good thoughts). Who knows what tomorrow…

Jeremy Horn

I wanted ‘The Product Guy’ as my pseudonym and website, but Jeremy justbeat me to it, by a mere 13 years.

Damn you, Jeremy!

Jeremy runs ‘The Product Group’ MeetUp in New York, which has over 21,000 members and his newsletter has over 6,000 signed up to it, an impressive following on both counts.

Well worth a read and a follow, the floating head below knows his stuff.

The Product GuyEverything product

Daniel Zacarias

Another who hasn’t posted for a while, Daniel’s site focusses on the human side of product management.

His site is worth checking out for the article about 20 product prioritisation techniques alone. There were a fair few techniques on this list that I’d never heard of.

Folding Burritos – Practical Product ManagementA collection of anecdotes, tips and advice from 14 successful Product Managers on how to set up an effective customer…

Ravi Mehta

Ravi is the first of two ‘duplicates’ — writers that appear on my people to follow on Medium list as well as on this one.

It’s not a contradiction, I promise. Ravi only posts some of his content on Medium, so you’ll need to check out his website for his more extensive collection of product content.

If you liked my ‘PM Quadrant’ model, or actually, if you didn’t, Ravi has a different model to tackle a similar question which is well worth a read.

Ravi Mehta | Product LeadershipTools to help you scale products, teams, and

Nir Eyal

Nir also made my list of people to follow on Medium, as he posts a weekly update, but his website is where the detailed content is.

What I will say about Nir is that he understands the value of self-marketing and PR, so if you can cope with some fairly blatant self-promotion, then Nir’s a great author to follow for his highly insightful content around behavioural psychology.

Behavioral Design and Time Management by Nir Eyal | Nir & FarDownload my BONUS 80-page workbook full of exercises and activities to help you become indistractable. You’ll also…

That’s your lot — I hope you enjoyed the list. Please let me know of any other great product writers you follow in the comments!

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