Back in September, I wrote a post providing you with 25 awesome writers to follow on Medium to increase your product knowledge.

The challenge I had when writing that post was that, unsurprisingly, there are more than twenty-five great writers relevant to product managers on Medium. I tried to provide a mix of people with different perspectives and levels of experience, and I think I did that.

That post gained a lot of traction. In fact, it is my most popular post to date. I was pleased with the responses I received and suggestions of writers I could, or should, have had on the list.

I’ve taken on board the feedback, re-reviewed my list of followers and compiled a list of five more great people to follow on Medium.

Before I kick off the list, there are a number of people that are super-insightful that write entirely or predominantly on their own publications. I cover these types of folk in another post, which you can read below.

The Top 8 Product Writers Outside of Medium

There’s also those who haven’t produced much content recently but used to be prolific Medium writers, like Brandon Chu and Brent Tworetzky. You won’t see those guys on this list either.

Caveats and housekeeping done, it’s time to get on with it.

Robert Drury

Robert is the first name on this list for a reason. Frankly, it’s a travesty that he wasn’t on the original list.

Rob posts regular content and even has his own publication, Getting Started in Product.

Although the name of his publication implies that it’s targetted at new product managers, I still find it really useful to refresh, challenge and refine my product toolkit.

Ravi Mehta

If you liked my ‘PM Quadrant’ model, or actually, if you didn’t, Ravi has a different model to tackle a similar question.

Ravi’s content is the Mehta* key to unlock your product mind (* #sorrynotsorry for the pun).

Josh Elman

Josh has 41k followers. That’s the capacity of my favourite football team (Chelsea’s) Stadium. 

Don’t take my word for it, listen to the people, if you work in product and you’re on Medium, you really should be following Josh.

Gibson Biddle

Gibson’s 12-part ‘How to Define your Product Strategy’ is what attracted me to his writing. That series alone is a whole lot of useful content that will take you some time to get through. You better get started if you want to read it all before Christmas…

Kyle Evans

His article on Product Thinking vs Project Thinking first drew me to his content, when I was writing a related piece myself.

Kyle’s work is varied but always high quality. Not to brush over the content, but I’m a big fan of Kyle’s conversational and relatable style of writing. None of his posts are a difficult read, even when they’re about some challenging content.

He also hosts a podcast with product designer Eva Chau, called Product by Design. My favourite episode is an analysis of Netflix and Hulu from a product design perspective, you can go directly to that episode here.

Concluding thoughts

I’ve now provided thirty great people to follow on Medium if you’re a product manager, and that is still just the tip of the Medium iceberg. 

I’d love to hear any other great writers you’d recommend following not covered by my two posts!

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